Silicone Glue Bathroom Accessories
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DALE-silicone-glue-fixation.jpgWhat are you thinking about choosing bathroom accessories? We are facing with need to install new accessories in rented apartments, renovated bathrooms or when we want our old bathroom to be more convenient.

Usually the first question that comes to mind is how to install what you need to the walls.

For rented apartments we normally look for something easy to install, what does not require any drilling and easy to remove after use. The same requirements we have if the house is just renovated and we prefer not to damage walls right away after the renovation. Or we just do not have time for drilling and want to make all fast and beautiful?

In addition, of course we want to install it once and forget about it, so some existing solutions are not long-lasting enough. Here is a perfect solution to avoid the difficulties – silicone glue fixation!

80357_FANTASY_2.jpgWe introduce a perfect range of accessories for bathroom – premium quality #304 Stainless Steel & Silicone Glue Installation.

It is easy!

→ No wall damage, no drilling, no tools, NO PROBLEMS!

→ Installation takes up 2 min. Ready to use after 24 hours (after full glue hardening)

→ Remove without damage

It is innovative and durable!

→ Patented silicone glue formula

→ Impressive test results: glue hold up to 200 kg of loading – GS & TÜV certificate

→ Waterproof and long-lasting adhesion

→ Surface adhesion on all surface (starting immediately). Silicone glue covers all the mounting object surface and sticks in all volume. The glue is very thick and is not squeezed out to the edges, what makes the installation clean and tidy.

→ Volume adhesion (works after 5 hours, glue hardening without cavities).




Silicone glue product line includes the wide range of accessories for bathroom and toilet, find all the collection here –>


With these products made of stainless steel with brushed finish any bathroom will look stylish and modern. Stainless steel is a rust and corrosion free material, which ensures durability and dependability.

Decorate your bathroom with sturdy and smart accessories fixed on silicone glue.


For retail we provide all the packages for silicone glue accessories product line. On the package you can find pictures of the product, mounting instruction and specific information. Please contact us if you are interested in collaboration.


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