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No-Drill Self-Adhesive Bathroom Accessories by TATKRAFT
We like an idea of mobile and easy way to organise things at home. We have already talked about some of our no drilling solutions for the bathroom and now we want to focus on the best self-adhesive home accessories produced by Tatkraft.
Top-10 up-to-date Dish Drainers & Racks for Kitchen
The choice of a best dish drainer depends on several requirements, and the size of your kitchen is one of them. There are many various options for both spacious and tiny kitchen which accommodate different needs.
Silicone Glue Bathroom Accessories
What are you thinking about choosing bathroom accessories? We are facing with need to install new accessories in rented apartments, renovated bathrooms or when we want our old bathroom to be more convenient.
Kitchen Trends Spring 2018
In the kitchen, we use cooking utensils and kitchen tools made of different materials among which are aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and wood. At present, there is a wide choice of silicone cookware.
No Drilling Solutions for the Bathroom
We all dream about cozy and well organized bathroom. Today we are going to present several bathroom storage solutions requiring no drilling and explain why we believe it to be convenient for you.
E-Commerce as a Key to Success
Online shopping is very comfortable for customers: it saves a lot of time and energy. Moreover, growth of online e-commerce provides other advantages. First time in history thanks to global e-market, we are having what is almost like Perfect Competition.
Tatkraft PEVA and TEXTILE
Tatkraft offers a great range of TEXTILE and PEVA shower curtains of exclusive designs and quality, made of waterproof, durable, soft and pleasant to the touch material. It dries quickly and easily machine washable at 40C when required.
Tatkraft presented new type of clothes rail
New solution enables to adjust the space of your apartment or house to your own needs. Space saving adjustable design: NEW YORK, PARTY and Double BIG PARTY!
TATKRAFT OÜ – Who we are?
Международная торгово-производственная компания "Tatkraft" провела редизайн сайта tatkraft.online. Новый сайт является полноценным интернет-магазином с удобной навигацией, возможностью выбрать товар, способы оплаты и доставки.

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